About Us

Based in the DMV, Legally Lashed Company offers affordable and high-quality 3D mink lashes, lash products, and lash extension services. Legally Lashed Co. launched in 2019 intending to satisfy all your lash needs so that individuals can feel supernaturally beautiful. We began solely selling strip lashes and have expanded to offering lash extension services as well. Our lash styles range from natural to dramatic (25mm). We supply lashes from everyday use to eye-catching events to ensure there is something for everyone. A portion of our company’s proceeds are donated but not limited to the communities and organizations listed on our Social Action page. We believe it is important as you grow and succeed to lend a helping hand. We use our platform to highlight organizations that positively impact the community to bring awareness.

Our Mission Statement

Legally Lashed Co. is a multifaceted brand and company offering lash products and services to satisfy all of an individual’s lash needs. We welcome individuals from all backgrounds and identities. We work day in and day out to ensure all our customers will be satisfied with their purchase or service choice. Our goal is to build a collective of loyal customers who not only trust us with their lashes but are inspired by our mantras to uplift, support, and reach back into their communities as well.


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