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  • Black Women's Blueprint

"We work to place Black women and girls’ lives, as well as their particular struggles, squarely within the context of the larger racial justice concerns of Black communities.We are committed to building movements where gender matters in broader social justice organizing so that all members of our communities gain social, political and economic equity. We engage in progressive research, historical documentation, policy advocacy and organizing steeped in the struggles of Black women within their diverse communities and within dominant culture." https://give.blackwomensblueprint.org/event/ten-and-then-some/e291699

  • IMPACTdmv Inc.

Based in Prince George’s County, Maryland, IMPACTdmv Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides 14- to 30-year olds with resources designed to promote intellectual, artistic, and social growth through early adulthood. From workshops to creative competitions, our captivating events strengthen academic, professional and interpersonal skills, and foster critical connections that leave a lasting impact.

IMPACTdmv strives to enrich the personal and professional development of youth and young adults in the community. We aim to ensure that everyone who participates in our events feels prepared to conquer their educational, career, and creative goals. https://www.impactdmv.org/

  • Justice for Black Girls (JBG)

JBG endeavors to elevate the voices of Black girls as the experts and cultivate student activism through our Justice for Black Girls Ambassadors Program. Here institutions of higher learning and grassroots organizations will partner with JBG Ambassadors to engage Black girls in the academic and policy work that centers Black girlhood. JBG recognizes education as liberation and endeavors to combat the universal  suppression of Black girls’ experience and the miseducation of Black girlhood through our Black Girlhood curriculum entitled,  4LittleGirls in honor of 4 Black girls who lost their life due to the bombing of 16th Street Baptist Church September 15th 1963. This curriculum will be made available to girls in school and authorized by liberation pedagogy for girls who are incarcerated or system involved. Ultimately JBG is focused on equipping Black girls with tools not authorized by empowerment- focused on developing self help in the midst of structural degradation, but power- the agency to alter the systems that actively marginalize Black girlhood.  https://www.justiceforblackgirls.com/new-page-

  • Project Purpose LLC

Project Purpose LLC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to mentoring, educational awareness, and volunteer work in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia area. We offer virtual mentoring for young ladies ages 8-17 to promote a healthy lifestyle, Black HERstory, and positive self-image. Educational Awareness Workshops promote awareness about the Black community and issues affecting Black people disproportionately. Volunteer work includes donations to decrease food insecurity and to local shelters housing battered and homeless women. www.goprojectpurpose.com

  • The Four Women Fund

The Four Women Fund was created by Black womxn in service of Black womxn. This fund offers financial support by giving money directly to Black womxn who, due to COVID-19 and the United States’ current political climate, are experiencing severe financial need.  https://givebutter.com/fourwomenfund

  • The Sister Project, Inc

#TheSisterProjectInc works to educate young adults on the necessary tools for success in the real world as well as mental, physical and emotional success through workshops, community service and mentorship.  https://www.thesisterproject.co/


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